Welcome to the Indoor Games

The Indoor games have been a popular section of NPTSA and has always had a good following over the years with new faces always welcome.
But what are the Indoor Games? No, it's not playing Monopoly or Ludo but based on the traditional pub games, Darts, Crib and Dominoes where many hours were passed by the locals trying to predict what his opponent was holding in his hand.
Over the course of the weekend the games are played as knock out with each team entering 3 Darts, 3 Cribbage, and 3 Domino players.  All games playing the best of three legs. Each team will play two games either in the main Competion or the Runners up competition, the Plate.  There is also the Individual competition where players strive to be the best in their chosen game.
Would you like to join us?  We'd love to see you.


 Full details and booking form for 2019 please follow link